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Of Course There's An Instagram Account Dedicated To 'Pinay Kilikili'

@pinay_kilikili is the Instagram page of choice for all underarm fans.
by Gelo Gonzales | Jan 14, 2016
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We're big fans of underarms. Browse through an FHM issue, any issue, and there's no way you wouldn't catch a glimpse of the 'pits. Like the breasts or the butt, the underarms can be admired fetishistically. We even wrote an ode for it in our January 2013 issue, our landmark 150th, where we showered it with such poetry:

"It is the strangest entry into the realm of body worship. Hidden yet exposed. Both seen and not seen. Pampered yet seemingly ignored. There but not there. In the eyes of the fetishist, it is always there. It is hard to ignore. He stalks the woman in her daily motions, trying to catch a glimpse of that negative space. He is always thinking about the possibilities. To him, a woman doesn't merely raise her arms, she is surrendering. And what could be seen farther down there? The strap of the bra, the cup of the breasts. What is the taste? What is the smell? To take her. To lock in on her. To pin her arms behind her neck, to envelop her. Then to swoop down, to breathe in, to lick. You can hear emanating from him the longest sigh of satisfaction."

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It appears we are not alone in its worship. Recently, we discovered an Instagram page dedicated to the underarms, Filipina underarms to be specific. The page is called @pinay_kilikili, and it features, you guessed it, photos upon photos of Filipinas raising their arms to expose their 'pits. It now has 1,783 followers and 177 posts, the first of which was made 16 weeks ago.

These are some of the page's best photos:


Thankyou ms. @red_delacruz :) #kilikili #kilikilipower #asiangirl #asian #armpit #ufcasiangirl

A photo posted by pinay_kilikili (@pinay_kilikili) on


Good morning! From ms. Rica.. :) #kilikilipower #kilikili

A photo posted by pinay_kilikili (@pinay_kilikili) on

Is the "longest sigh of satisfaction" emanating from you yet? Keep it to yourself, sicko, we don't need to hear that shit!


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