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10 Signs That Your Job Is A Keeper

You might not always love your job, but there are signs to know you're in the right one
by Tanya Umali | Dec 6, 2016
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Do you ever question if you are in the right career? It can be difficult to know this, especially if you've been socially brainwashed into thinking that working should be stressful and tiring.

However, if you still strive to go to the office and constantly come up with brilliant ideas that can contribute to your company, then you might be one of the few people who have actually found their calling.

So, how do you know if you're job is a keeper? There are certain signs that you can follow.

1) You feel motivated each morning

You don't always notice it, but there's a difference between waking up and still feeling a bit sleepy and waking up not having the energy to go through the entire day. Many people experience the latter, but if you're among the few who can easily feel energized after a shower or that first sip of coffee in the morning, then you might be on the right track to career success.

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"If the first thing you think of in the morning is getting to work or having a feeling of being just a bit excited, then you're in the right profession," says career coach and advisor Bernadette Ocampo of Career Consultants, Inc. "Try to do something to increase that excitement every day."

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2) Sunday and Monday aren't bad days for you

If you look at your Facebook feed every Sunday or Monday, you might notice people postin witty quotes that express how much they despise these specific days. However, if you don't share the same sentiment, it's probably because you've found the right job.

"Enjoying your time off and accepting the fact that it will soon be over just means that you actually enjoy the job you have now," Ocampo suggests. Congratulations if you don't feel any anxiety towards the end of the weekend.

3) You're always ready

Whatever tasks you need to do, you always feel that you're ready to take them on. "Employees who are always ready to take on the challenge since the first day of their new jobs end up lasting in the company for a long time," Ocampo explains.


4) Time passes by quickly

One minute, you just arrived in the office and the next thing you know, it's time for you to go home. "Rarely looking at the time is a good sign for you and your profession. This means that you are genuinely able to enjoy your job without even noticing it," Ocampo says.

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Sometimes, you might even feel the need to render overtime work just because you are so caught up with what you are doing that you don't want to put it off for the next day.

5) You feel ecstatic almost all the time

No need for coffee to wake you up once you are seated in your chair. Feeling a bit of joy as you enter your workplace is a good sign that you have found your career, obviously.

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"If you'd notice, the employees who are mostly cheerful and are able to crack up jokes once in a while are the ones who last," says Ocampo. "They are even capable of breaking the silence in the workplace just to lift up everyone's mood."

6) You are eager to take on new projects

Feeling exhausted every time a new task is being handed to you can be a bad sign.

However, if you're open and welcoming of projects, attacking them in a precise manner, this is a clear indicator that you actually want to do well.

7) Your office doesn't feel like a battlefield

Constantly trying to survive the day means you're in the wrong career and should consider looking for a new one. Strategically approaching your tasks in order to finish them is how it should be, Ocampo explains. She adds that having this mindset will allow you to last.

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8) You don't understand how people could hate their jobs

You know you're in the right profession if you're puzzled by people who always rant about work in social media. According to the Deloitte Shift Index Survey80 percent of employees are unhappy with their jobs. Pat yourself on the back if you don't feel the same way towards your profession.

9) You have work-life balance

Your job is a keeper when you have what every employee craves. According to Ocampo, you should keep the work you have if it allows you to make time for your family and friends. 

10) Your boss is always asking you to do more

Don't take it as a sign that your boss hates you. In fact, the reason why your boss is asking you to do a lot of things and pushing you to do your best is because he trusts that you can do tasks well. "Your boss also knows if you're in the right field. If he is constantly avoiding you or rarely gives you any assignments, then he notices that your passion for your job is not enough."

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