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Spend little! Live large!

<p>Because payday is another weekend away</p>
| Sep 11, 2009
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Living is a matter of persuasion. You do what you want, and then you take a rain check when you don't. You want because it commands interest, curiosity, necessity. You pass it up because among other things, it's too expensive. We list down tips and tricks to help you "live" large by pushing fewer pesos than what it normally takes to instigate pogi points and bum thrills.

1. Use cash over credit cards
Because while there's a chance you may have little of it, at least it doesn't try to sneak in surcharges and fees that bulk up yoru debt the way credit cards do.
What to do:
A. Forge a mini-financial plan.
It doesn't have to be elaborate. Make one bundle for the day ahead, another for emergencies, and donate all loose bills and extra change to a "Me Fund," which you can empty for luxury every two months, or whenever the need comes up. Stay within this budget system or make a variation of your own.
B. Stop using plastic. Limit overspending on something you never had to begin with. Cut that credit card in half!
What could go wrong: They only immediate cash you have on you jingles. Strengthen budgeting skills and make a habit to follow it on a regular basis.
You wallet says: Okay.

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2. Make calls not messages
Because your mouth generally gets a lot more accomplished than your thumbs do.
A.) Pick up the phone.
Subscribe to a network that gives you better value, has discounts, and assorted gimmicks for call time as opposed to "texting." Sun Cellular proves to be of great assistance on this department.
B.) Timing is everything.
Of course if you're going to say something more than "okay," then better not. Since call rates charge by the minute, roughly calculate and plan when you should be talking a lot, and when you're supposed to shut up.
Signal goes bad. Or the person you're calling won't pick up the phone. Ever.
That "one-time-big-time" gig looks better or about the same as accumulating tingi pre-paid loads you get every 30 minutes.

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