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9 Struggles Only A Semi-Gwapo Guy Would Know

Average man. Extraordinary problems.
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Okay, what the hell is "semi-gwapo"?

Simply put, it's that middle ground above "mukhang pang-friendzone" and below "putcha, heartthrob ka talaga, pare!" In short, it's the category average guys fall under.

While there's certainly nothing wrong with being semi-gwapo (after all, you can’t spell semi-gwapo without gwapo), the struggle is oh so real for these dudes. Here are nine they often encounter.


When you can't dance to save your life, women say you look hideous.
Drake dancing? Gawing gwapo meme! Alden Richards dancing? Boy-next-door level! You dancing? Hindi swabe tingnan.

You have to do extra reps and sets to look fitter and buffer.
A semi-gwapo understands the need to build mirror muscles. Unlike a certified pogi who only needs to flash his dimples to make girls blush, you need that extra oomph courtesy of regular workouts to get on their radar.


It takes time for people to believe you’re dating a hot woman.
The girl you're going steady with already posts photos of you together, yet people assume you're just close friends. Worse, sometimes her friends say this: "Boyfriend niya 'yun? Baka mayaman!" What the hell, right?

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You need to be extra vain for girls to see you as gwapo.
You can't just use facial wash; you have to follow it up with toner. You can't just throw on anything; you have to pick your clothes carefully to accentuate your assets. You have to take the time to get ready before you head out. Any little way to increase your confidence, you'll do it, man.


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