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The Penis Bidet Has Just Been Invented

What's splurging $765,300 for the ultimate d*ck luxury
by John Paulo Aguilera | Sep 9, 2016
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Don't you hate it when you get urine in your hands while culminating an intense pee sesh with a good ol' pagpag?

We may sound like a home TV shopping ad, but worry no more! Introducing the Urinary 2.0, or in layman's terms, a penis bidet:

This clever contraption was invented by biochemist Eduard Gevorkyan, economist Ivan Giner, and coach Miguel Angel Levanteri, possibly after expereincing a horror story at a public restroom.

Basically, the Urinary 2.0 has sensors that sense when you're done doing a number one, after which the urinal sprays soap and water to your thing and blows a jet of air to dry it. And if you're worried that the six-second process might be too warm or cool, the revolutionary toilet is climate-controlled.

Obviously, the next concern is how much it would cost, but what's splurging $765,300 for the ultimate dick luxury.

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