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20 Camping Essentials For Your Summer Trip Outdoors

Don't forget to be prepared when out in the wild!
by Khatrina Bonagua | Apr 20, 2017
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If you’re planning to have a camping trip this summer and live your Survivor castaway dreams, it’s best to be prepared. Being out there in the wild sure has its perks, but believe us, it’s no easy feat surviving the no-hotel-no-comfort-room life. And to prepare you for your much-awaited journey into the outdoors, here's a list of items that you should be top priority on your packing list.

Remember: When it comes to camping, it’s best to pack light.

1) Tent


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If possible, choose a larger tent that has enough space for you, your tentmate, and for your luggage.

2) Tent Accessories

These include a tent porch, tent carpet, and tent footprint.

3) Lantern 

Above the three light source choices: flashlights, headlamps, and lanterns, it’s best to bring the latter. Lanterns generally provide 360° of flood lighting and you can even use it hands-free. Your best bet? Electric lanterns that can be powered by batteries tend to last a longer time.

4) Duct Tape


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You’d be surprised what can be fixed with duct tape. You can use it to mend a fabric tear, render something waterproof, wrap a sprain, and even make an all-purpose cord or rope.

5) Sarong

If you don’t have a tent carpet, a sarong will do. A sarong is lighter and won’t take up that much space in your bag. Plus, it can double as a jacket and shield you from the sun, too! 

6) Sleeping Bag/Mat

A sleeping bag or sleeping mat can add comfort and extra insulation during the night while you’re inside the tent. 

7) Pillow

Choose those space-saving inflatable ones so you can easily collapse it when not in use.

8) Extra clothing


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The temperature does drop in the evening, so layer up!

9) Water container

For drinking water, washing, etc. Very important. 

10) Portable camping stove, gas, and charcoal

If you want to cook, don’t forget to bring these. When all else fails (read: you’re too lazy to cook) bring canned goods. 


11) Cooking utensils, tableware, and cutlery

Of course, these are a must. Unless you want to eat on banana leaves, that is. 

12) Tin opener


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All the canned goods in the world and no way to open them? 

13) Matches/Lighter

For all the cooking, illuminating, and well, smoking. 

14) Wet wipes and tissue rolls

You’ll badly need these especially when there’s no comfort room around. 

15) Personal medications (plus extra)

For emergency purposes. 

16) First Aid Kit

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You’ll never know what might happen.

17) Sun block

The heat of the sun is intense this time around. Don’t forget to apply some from time to time. 

18) Insect repellent

News flash: Mosquitoes can bite through clothing that is not woven tightly enough. It’s best to spray shirts, pants, socks, and any other type of clothing for the ultimate protection. 

19) Extra batteries and powerbanks

For your lantern, mobile phone, and other gadgets.

20) Pocket knife

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A handy knife can provide protection as well as be used as a tool for various purposes while outdoors.

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