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6 Tips For The Career-Confused Millennial

This might be the right time to quit job-hopping
by Tanya Umali | Nov 17, 2016
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Millennials have always been tagged as an indecisive bunch that can't commit to responsibilities. Somehow, young job hunters tend to shift from one career to another because they're clueless as to what they really want in life. Though it is a rising trend nowadays for the younger generation to constantly explore different fields, it is still better to focus on the one career path that will lead you to success.  

We asked a career consultant for pointers that will help determine the most suitable career path for you:

1) Narrow your focus

"You must first ask yourself what you really want to do and whether or not you are capable of doing it," said personal career consultant Vanessa Aguirre. According to her, millennials end up so concerned with their reputation and how people will view them in their chosen profession that they end up in a job that makes them unhappy. Though earning big and having an impressive job sounds good, you won't reach true satisfaction and success if you pick the career you don't want. 

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2) Choose the type of work environment you want to be in

"Identify the places where you're able to function the most," according to Aguirre. "Do you like the feeling of being in a corporate environment or are you able to work better when you're not being managed by someone?" The environment is one important thing that millennials should consider when choosing a career. After all, you'll be spending most of your days doing your job. Might as well be picky on where you're going to work. 

3) Identify the pros and cons before accepting a job

There is no such thing as a perfect job. Each profession, even at the best companies, have their own disadvantages. "List down the good and bad points of a company you're applying in," Aguirre says. "You need a job with more good than bad to achieve the perfect balance in doing your tasks." This will only help you get through your chosen field easier. 

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4) Know your strengths

Aguirre said it'll be helpful to "take note of what skills you have that people praise the most." You can also ask for their opinion on whether or not they think you're good at something or not. "You might think you're a good writer but people tend to think otherwise," she added.


5) Ask for guidance

"As much as you want to do everything on your own, you're bound to ask help from someone at one point in your career," Aguirre relates. "If you seek help, then ask from a person you trust." They will surely guide you and be honest with you when it comes to areas you need to improve on, giving you valuable advice on the ups and downs of climbing the career ladder. 

6) Prepare to fail

Every successful person in history has surely failed many times. Still, their mistakes didn't define the person they've become. "Don't focus on the mistake. Instead, focus on what to do in order to avoid it from happening next time," Aguirre says. She added that your mistakes will help shape your success story in the future. 

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