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How To Travel Better This 2018, According To The Montero Brothers

Let KC and Troy teach you how to make the most out of your vacation
by Khatrina Bonagua | Jan 25, 2018
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If there’s a celebrity duo whose adventures (or misadventures) we admire, it’s the Montero brothers.

KC and Troy have travelled to many destinations both here and abroad. Whether it’s for work or for leisure, these two just know how to make the most out of any vacation.  

And since we’re currently planning our own travels this year, we sought the advice of these experts for some certified travel tips.

Find a way to roll with misadventures

When things turn bad, KC advises to make that situation into a “happy hour,” adding, “You have to really relax. Sometimes there’s something that you can’t do so you just have to accept it. Relax, be patient, be calm, and try not to think too much about the situation.” 

As Troy puts it, “When stuff doesn’t go your way, don’t let it ruin your day. So you just have to be ‘Guys, it didn’t work. Let’s move on.’”

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Be prepared for breaks—bathroom and food stops

“Bring toilet paper and wet wipes always! And eat before you leave,” KC says. Aside from saving a lot of money, bringing your own snacks and tissues will help you in two of the hardest times of your trip—bathroom and food breaks. “This is a must especially when you’re in a long road trip or in the train or whatever.”


Google Maps is your best friend


“If you’re traveling to Japan, my tip for you is to stop taking taxis and take advantage of the local subway,” Troy shares. “It takes a lot of patience to travel and some steady planning, but Google Maps works wonderfully in Japan. It will tell you which platform to go to, how many stops you’ll have, where you’ll get off, and where to transfer. What’s nice is Google Maps works even without WiFi!”

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Don’t forget to enjoy local destinations first

But of course, before going out of the country, the two suggest that you visit local destinations first. “Try Siquijor,” KC says. “We went there while shooting Worst Vacation Ever, and it was a pleasant surprise. It’s untouched. There are no big buildings and everyone’s so nice. Even the bathrooms there are nice, they have toilet paper! Wherever you go, you’ll see foreigners, see nice beaches, everyone’s laid back. On the side of the road, there are tiny restaurants where people are having drinks, having Filipino food.”

“Worst Vacation Ever” premieres on Monday, January 29, at 8:10 PM on The Discovery Channel.

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