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VIRAL: Vlogger Makes 30-Second Philippine Tourism Ad For Only $100

Plus other popular travel videos of the PH
by Andrei Medina | Jun 19, 2017
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A vlogger who has given up his job in New York City to pursue his dream of traveling the world has created a $100 tourism video to show that it doesn’t take millions of dollars to actually make a great video that promotes the Philippines.

In his Facebook page, 25-year-old Nuseir Yassin, who goes by the name Nas, uploaded the 30-second ad that showcased all the love the Philippines has to offer.

“Making these videos cost me 100 bucks per day. If the same video is made by an agency, it would cost $10,000. That’s why government spends millions of dollars on tourism videos that are just shitty copies of other videos. This happened in the Philippines,” he said.

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Nas was referring to the recent issue about the Department of Tourism ad titled “Sights” which is believed to have been copied from an earlier South African tourism video that had a similar concept.

“If tourism departments are interested in exposure—and not cinematography and actors—then this should do the job. Some of the best videos are the simplest,” he added.

Still unconvinced that Nas knows what he’s talking about? Here’s an 8-minute video where he shared his wonderful experiences during his travels in the Philippines earlier this year.

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Meanwhile, here are other popular videos that showcase different cultural scenes in the country that everyone can enjoy.

Street food

We Filipinos take pride in our street food. From betamax, kwek-kwek, and the humble isaw, we definitely have something that would satisfy your exotic food cravings.


With over 7,000 islands, you could say that the Philippines is up there when it comes to pristine white sand beaches that will leave you breathless. Take Palawan’s El Nido, for example.

Metro Manila

From Intramuros to Luneta, to the bustling city jeeps and high-rise buildings, there’s a treasure trove of adventure waiting for you in Metro Manila’s concrete jungle if you just know where to look.

Laboracay night life

One does not simply plan a travel to the Philippines without even considering dropping by Boracay to experience the legendary night life in this island paradise. Boracay is popular for its beats, booze and beautiful beaches. What else can you ask for?

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