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Where Do The Sexiest Women In The World Live?

In case you need help deciding on your next vacation
by James Wong | May 1, 2018
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People drive for hours to get a glimpse of the northern lights, or hike for days to reach the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro. Heck, the guide books could add just about any dusty old building into their top ten and crowds will flock over land, sea, or sky to see it. But there is a wonder of the world that is forgotten about in the travel guides—the glorious female form. Great for snaps, interesting to learn more about, and full of culture—it’s a crime to leave this sight unexplored. We count down the ten best places in the world to find (and hopefully meet) the sexiest women in the world.

10) Sweden

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It may be a little chilly but you’ll find an abundance of Scandinavian sex pots to melt the ice in Sweden. Now there are many history books (or blogs, whatever) that say during raids of England, the Vikings stole and took home the most beautiful ladies. We don’t know if this is entirely true but we sure wish those women are around once we visit the place. P.S. Did somebody say sauna?

9) Venezuela

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Did you know that Venezuela has won more major international pageant titles than any other country? Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International, and Miss Earth are regular announcers of V victory. If you’re not convinced, then check out current Miss Venezula Sthefany Gutiérrez. One word: .

8) Malaysia

For those after a short-haul flight, look no further than Malaysia, for a nearby island of beauties await you at touchdown. Malaysia is full of stunning corners even in the most remote of areas. And the food—spicy like the women. We highly recommend.

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7) France

Home of burlesque, we checked out the Crazy Horse cabaret show on our last trip to Paris and you know what the programme said? "These are the most beautiful girls in the world." It’s always wise not to argue with French advertising, so we’ll take that and pop it on our top ten. Their buns are quite impressive, after all. Oh là là

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6) Lebanon

There are certainly some sparkly gems to be found in the middle-east, and our hot spot for the shiniest of jewels can be found in Lebanon. Lebanese women seem to have a natural air of sophistication, coupled up with a warm desert glow and designer gear; we’re not sure how men over there get any work done with these honeys floating around.

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5) South Africa

Cape Town is a wonderful place to visit on safari—you’ll find zebra, cheetahs, and lions, and erm, shockingly attractive humans. There are a lot of tall, sun-kissed women in bikinis all over this country, and we’re not complaining.

4) Brazil

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We can bet Victoria’s Secret scouts begin their search in Brazil. The country is a cooker of the hottest of the hot, and if you need any more proof then let’s reel out some names off the top of our heads—Gisele Bundchen, Flavia De Oliveira, Adriana Lima and our fave, Alessandro Ambrosio.

3) Australia

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Maybe it’s all the surfing, maybe it’s all the fresh fish, or maybe it’s years of looking up to Elle ‘The Body’ McPherson. Aussie girls seem to be up for it, sporty and can hold down a stiff drink. Win, win, win. A bit of Margot Robbie, anyone?

2) South Korea

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South Korean girls have long been seducing men worldwide with their sassy K-Pop dance moves, scandalous K-Drama storylines, and alluring fashion. While their neighbours in Japan are more about the cute factor, South Korean women have the looks and the swagger to turn the heads of even the luckiest of attached gentlemen. We’re suddenly craving Kimchee.

1) Philippines

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Too busy or no funds to get away for some international sightseeing? Don’t worry, we have some of the finest ladies right here. Our Filipinas are gorgeous, down to earth, speak our language and there’s no need for re-location on either side if things go swell. So get to know the local talent, if its slim pickings in your neighbourhood then you know where the beauties will be heading once Boracay has a makeover…

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