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Jun 21, 2015
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What's wrong with this photo?

testPhoto via Afrizap.com

How about this one?

test8Photo via Zimbio.com

If you saw two beautiful ladies and a furry dog sleeping, bravo! You have a pretty clean mind. However, if you saw something more NSFW such as, say, a vajayjay or a (super) hairy schlong then, bad news, bro. You could be in possession of a dirty mind (or, at the very least, a naughty pair of eyes).

"What? That's not true at all, peksman!" you say? If you want to prove otherwise, then we recommend taking the brief test below!


massagePhoto via Maxviral.com

How long did it take you to realize that this is a photo of a guy who is about to get a back massage?

A. Are you kidding? This is a scene from a porn movie!
B. About two or three glances.
C. Immediately.


test2Photo via Afrizap.com

What is the girl behind the curly-haired woman wearing?

A. Nothing. She's el commando.
B. She's hiding, how could I tell if she's really wearing something?
C. Something orange.


test3Photo via Afrizap.com

What is in between her legs?

A. A penis, by golly! THAT'S A FREAKIN' PENIS!
B. Nothing else would be in between a woman's legs but her vagina...and that's a really short skirt.
C. Calm down. It's just a bicycle saddle.


test5Photo via Afrizap.com

What is she looking at?

A. Her exposed junk?
B. Her naked lower half?
C. Her feet? The floor? Why do we even care?


test7Photo via Afrizap.com

What is wrong with this picture?

A. The girl on the tarp is giving some dude an "oral examination"!
B. What's that pink thing on the right side?
C. Nothing. It's just an innocent selfie.


test12Photo via Metro.co.uk

This is?

A. Clearly a hairy man's manoy.
B. An abstract painting.
C. A photo of three pigs. 


test15Photo via Metro.co.uk

Is this a case of photobombing gone wrong?

A. Absolutely. I can see a girl's ass.
B. I can only see two young and sexy girls taking a photo.
C. Nope.


test17Photo via Buzzfeed.com

What's wrong with this photo?

A. The woman in white is half naked!
B. That's one lucky dude.
C. Nothing really, just a bunch of friends horsing around.


test18Photo via Buzzfeed.com

What made your eyes open wide upon seeing this photo?


A. Her big, pink nipples.
B. She's hot. I'd like to join her in the tub.
C. Those are some nice elbows.


test21Photo via Boredbug.com

What does this sign mean?

A. Doggie style!
B. Boulder alert: Huge rocks rolling down the mountain.
C. A-style (whatever the heck that is).


test22Photo via Boredbug.com

What do you think is happening in this photo?

A. She's giving the old man a BJ.
B. That girl's showing off her nice back!
C. The woman is just drinking her cup of Joe while grandpa's getting a good sleep.

How many As, Bs, or Cs did you answer? Here are the results of your scores:

Mostly As: You have a really dirty mind.

Your mind is occupied by dirty thoughts. We won't be surprised if one day you'll be sent to jail for committing sexual harassment. FYI, those guilty of such a crime will face jail time of one to six months and/or a fine of P10,000 to P20,000. So keep it clean, fellas!

prisonGIF via Giphy.com 

Mostly Bs: You're borderline.

Your brain's not that dirty, but it's also not squeaky-clean. To make it short, you are just normal. Congratulations, bro! Your mom must be so proud of you.

dance1GIF via Giphy.com

Mostly Cs: You should enroll in the seminary.

We bow down to your innocence. Why don't you just preach and spread the Good News? Who knows, maybe you could be the next Pope Francis?

priestGIF via Giphy.com