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12 Father's Day Memes That Can Double As Greeting Cards

Share a few laughs with the erpats!
by Neps Firmalan | Jun 18, 2015

Just in case your super busy life has made you oblivious of the things and events around you, let us remind you that Father's Day is on Sunday, June 21.

Yes, it's time to give good ol' pops some (more) love. Share some often-missing time, R&R, grub, or a few laughs with your old man! That's even better than giving him some expensive gift that's devoid of feelings or lacks a personal touch, right?

So how about we get a move ASAP? Go get your dad and together view the Father's Day memes below guaranteed to leave both of you giggling. The best part? He'll probably relate to at least some of 'em. And the ones he's clueless about? Well, time for you to explain the meme-tastic culture we're currently in to daddy dearest. Instant bonding time, yo!

Or, if you're lacking in gift ideas, you can print and give these to your pops as the less-boring versions of the mundane greeting cards you buy every freakin' year. Just be sure to put a little bit of creativity into the mix (read: mere print-outs are so not cool), mkay?

It's still something...

father's day memesImage via Frabz.com

Because no one argues with Chuck (your dad is probably a fan, too)

father's day memes

Cheers to the dads who never went to the dark side!

father's day memesImage via Quickmeme.com

Believe us, moms find that stubborn side adorable (until they get lost)

father's day memesImage via Fathersdayquotes-2015.com

Officially and literally...

father's day memesImage via memecentercom

For the cat-loving man of the house

father's day memesImage via Memecrunch.com

Your secret is safe with us, pops! (Now how about a reward?)

father's day memes

In any case, it's still one heckuva hard job!

father's day memesImage via Grabberwocky.com

Cue Rey Valera's "Maging Sino Ka Man"

father's day memesImage via Mashable.com

It's not like we know all dads on the planet, right? #LogisticalNightmare

father's day memesImage via Socialvani.com

Can we get an "Aww" now?

father's day memesImage via Allinfospot.com

It's as apparent as LeBron's receding hairline

father's day memesImage via Heavy.com

BONUS: And for all the non-dads out there...

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