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Jun 15, 2010
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The day of June 12 will always be memorable for its significance in Philippine history – the day we officially declared our independence.

Thus, a patriotic celebration might be in order: statement shirts, the waving of flags, and come what may.

There are plenty of obvious reasons why we love the Philippines, be it the diversity of Filipino food or the endless number of island wonders available here.

Nonetheless, there are other things worth thinking about that best represents how awesome our country is at the end of the day.

This is simply why we cannot let independence day pass by without a single tribute. In the spirit of June 12, here are 12 unconventional things about our nation that make us love the Philippines either way.

1. Our last two presidents are both a presidential offspring
It’s just a random fact, really. It’s a funny thing about our country, with Gloria Arroyo having former president Diosdado Macapagal as a father, and current president Noynoy Aquino being Cory’s only son.

While it does not constitute to anything, we’re pretty certain only the Philippines has that unconventional claim.

2. Former action stars have a back-up plan: politics
It’s not merely a matter of coincidence, but we somehow doubt that at times. It’s kind of weird, citing our country’s best action stars and seeing what the best of them are up to these days.

The likes of Ramon “Bong” Revilla, Lito Lapid, Jinggoy Estrada, George Estregan Jr., and Dan Fernando have ventured into politics at one point, with most of them still in office.

3. The secret to rock band success: food names
Another funny fact, but the trend among bands today is to bear a name related to food. How they fare in the music industry however, is completely up to them and their talents.

Rock bands like Mayonnaise, Sandwich, and Queso have found most success as of late. Try looking at a poster of a massive rock concert and try counting how much food bands there are on the list. It’s like checking a menu. Check out Spot.ph’s list to know more.

4. Our unbounded association with Mexico
Whether in the world of professional boxing or the Mexican telenovela scene, it’s really funny how we continue to associate ourselves with this country’s culture.

Both the Philippines and Mexico are big on boxing and telenovelas, but the fact that Rubi and Marimar were hit remakes proves how much we love them just a little bit more.


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