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A Tamiya Car You Can Ride, A Hot Cocaine Smuggler, And 13 Other Things A Man must Know This Week!
Downright gorgeous gals (as always) and different kinds of bro-approved tidbits in this week's dose of man knowledge!
by Mars Salazar | Oct 30, 2015
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A cocaine smuggler unlike the shady ones we normally see on TV, the latest on the West Philippine Sea issue, and some downright gorgeous gals—that’s just a sneak peek of the stellar stuff we have in this week’s edition of The 15 Things A Man Must Know This Week!

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First off, some very good news: The International Arbitral Tribunal has decided to hear the maritime dispute between China and the Philippines over the West Philippine Sea! This is basically the first step in what will be an uphill battle against our giant neighbor over a region of the South China Sea that is OBVIOUSLY not theirs. Let’s show 'em, PH!

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Ever wondered how Michael Jackson was able to effortlessly lean to a 45-degree angle during "Smooth Criminal"? Well, the secret’s out...and it involves a pair of (patented!) Anti-Gravity Illusion Shoes. Guess this is a sign to just stick to the Moonwalk, folks.

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Have you imagined how your favorite Super Mario games would look like if you played them with a first-person POV? Spoiler alert: It's not good for your head.

Star Cinema has revealed that A Second Chance, the sequel to One More Chance, will be released this November. Looks like we’re gonna have new Popoy-Basha hugot quotes soon!

Ana Marie Hernandez has got to be the world’s hottest big-time cocaine smuggler. Unluckily for her she’s already been arrested, and is probably on her way to prison right now!

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NASA recently captured a star that exploded in a hand-shaped cloud, and it sure looks like a prank God would pull on us mere mortals. It’s nevertheless beautiful, and definitely amazing!

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Tamiya actually built a real working life-sized Tamiya race car, and boy oh boy, are we drooling. A childhood dream come true!

Are you as brave as this girl who lets her big-ass PET SPIDER crawl across her face? No? It’s okay, we can’t do that either. She’s definitely got bigger balls than us.

Game of Thrones
fans, good news: Roose Bolton a.k.a. the character everyone loves to hate in the series might be killed off next season! Take note: MIGHT. Fan sites report that the show has filmed a major battle scene for season 6...and Bolton might die while duking it out with Jon Snow. Exciting!

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What does this dress’ print look like to you? Pink and orange sort of looks like a certain female body part, huh?

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We never imagined we’ll see Robert De Niro and Zac Efron in a movie together, but lo and behold, they’ll be starring in a movie called Dirty Grandpa together. Looks like a riot!

Arianny Celeste
wearing nothing but a pair of white kicks is a sight to behold. Ah how we love our August 2015 cover girl.

The folks at the Victoria University in Melbourne are suggesting that the very distinctive Australian accent is actually a result of years and years of Aussies getting drunk on a regular basis, hence the massive slurring of words. G’day, mate!

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Hate the sound of people chewing and slurping their food noisily? Good news: folks who detest noisy mastication tend to be more creative, according to a report.

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A very pregnant (and still very beautiful) Marian Rivera still looked as hot as ever posing for a photo shoot in just a black bikini top and little else. This is exactly why she’s a true FHM queen.

BTS ??#NovemberCover ???? #ProudMomToBe ????????

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