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Aug 15, 2014
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15 Things

Here’s your dose of man knowledge for the week: incredible #makeuptransformations, Carla Abellana's dating requirements, J.Lo’s legendary bum, and more must-know man facts!

Read on for the 15 Things You Need To Know right now!

The lovely Carla Abellana just revealed what she’s looking for in a new beau: “Dapat pasayahin ako, dapat alagaan ako, at mahalin ako. Yun lang, simple,” the Kapuso star said in an interview with PEP.ph. Kayang-kaya, 'di ba?

15 ThingsImage via Cosmo.ph

The #MakeupTransformation phenomenon
is one of the funniest things we've seen all week, and we’re glad to see Pinoys hopping on the bandwagon. Syempre hindi tayo papatalo riyan!

15 ThingsImage via Flippish.com

Think holding your breath underwater for a minute is impressive? This freediver can do that while also creating water versions of Gandalf’s amazing smoke rings. Whoa!

15 ThingsGIF via Gizmodo.com

While light sabers remain a fantasy for now, some folks have made a light saber katana, which, obviously, is a katana with a light saber handle. It won’t bring us closer to our Jedi dreams, sure, but it’s just as deadly.

Video via AWE me

Ever wondered how condoms get into their tiny foil wrappers? Let this mesmerizing GIF enlighten you.

15 ThingsGIF via Reddit.com

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