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The 15 Things A Man Must Know This Week!

This week: Taylor Swift jams with a Beatles legend, a Marijuana Law course, and the first trailer for the Victoria’s Secret Swim Special!
by Mars Salazar | Feb 22, 2015
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15 things

Scorpions on a plane, a space submarine, and yet another sizzling EmRata video—those are just three of the 15 amazing things we saw on the web these past few days.

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An Oregon-bound flight had to go back to Los Angeles after a passenger was stung by a scorpion that somehow made it on the plane. Could this be the much-awaited sequel to Snakes on a Plane?

15 things

A 17-year-old guy in Florida was the recipient of the “world’s first” penis reduction surgery after his manoy, a seven-incher with a 10-inch girth, was deemed “too large for intercourse.” Ain’t that a downer?

15 things

What would you do if, like this dude, you only have 100 orgasms left before your dick stops functioning?

15 things

So there’s actually a group called the Armored Combat League of America, which pits sword and mace-wielding knight wannabes against each other.

15 thingsPhoto via dailymail.co.uk

Law schools in the U.S. are planning to offer “Marijuana Law” courses to keep up with the fastest growing industry in America. That’s what you call a higher education!

15 thingsPhoto via denver.cbslocal.com

During an event in Sydney, Ashton Kutcher shared that he feels damn lucky to be able to do it with Mila Kunis. “I get to have sex with her. It’s amazing,” he said. Thanks for rubbing it in, asshat.

Video via Lenovo Australia and New Zealand

The first official trailer for the Victoria’s Secret Swim Special is out!

Video via Victoria's Secret

So this is how those crazy Russians test their bulletproof helmets—by firing a gun at it while it’s worn by a living, breathing guy. Just a regular day in the motherland.

15 things

Houston is planning to send a submarine to space to explore Kraken Mare, the frigid methane ocean of the Saturn moon Titan. That’s right, a space submarine.

Video via NASA Glenn Research Center

Spain’s bull running festivals sound really cool…until one of those creatures literally rip you a new asshole, like what happened to one very unlucky American last Saturday. Aray ko po!

15 thingsPhoto via dailymail.co.uk

Taylor Swift got to jam with the one and only Sir Paul McCartney at the after-party for the SNL 40th Anniversary Special, performing “Shake It Off” alongside the Beatles legend. Must be her good karma for all the gift-giving she’s been doing!

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Video via Entertainment Tonight