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Oct 17, 2014
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15 things

This week’s top stories had us concluding that Mother Nature must really enjoy messing around with us. How else would you explain a spider that wormed its way inside a guy’s torso, or a leech that set up camp inside one poor girl’s nostril?

Learn more about them, along with other less disgusting news, in this week’s edition of The 15 Things A Man Should Know!

Would you let your S.O. draw all over your Nissan Skyline GTR with a marker? We just might, if our girl could doodle as well as this guy’s girlfriend. Check out her work of art!

15 thingsPhoto via demilked.com

Australian Dylan Thomas thought that the red mark he got during his trip to Bali was just a bad reaction to an insect bite. It turned out that a rogue spider had entered his body through his appendectomy scar and had burrowed up to Thomas’ sternum during the course of three days. We wouldn’t be surprised if he starts shooting webs from his fingertips in a few days.

15 things
Photo via iflscience.com

In related news, backpacker Danila Liverani thought her constant nosebleeds were just a side effect of the motorbike crash she was involved in during her trip to Vietnam. Imagine her reaction when she discovered that the bloodshed was caused by a huge leech that was residing in her nostril. We’re amazed she could still smile after her horrific ordeal.

15 things
Photo via dailymail.co.uk

We’re sorry if those stories of animal infestations scarred you. This video of a dog diving in a pile of leaves should bring you out from that dark place we inadvertently led you to. Trust us, you’ll forget all about those human-invading pests in no time.

Video via Jody Hartman

Speaking of our favorite four-legged friends, a drunk man was found raping a dog in Cebu. The bestiality enthusiast later denied having sex with a dog, telling the cops that he did the deed with a real woman. Looks like this dude just experienced a horrible case of the beer goggles…

15 things
Photo via interaksyon.com

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