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The 15 Things A Man Must Know This Week!

We dub thee the hottest 15 Things edition ever!
by Mars Salazar | Mar 28, 2015
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The 15 things a man should know this week

We could easily fill up this space with hot pics from Emily Ratajkowski's Instagram account and call it a day, but we believe we’re above that. So we did our best to compensate by searching all over for other equally sexy girls on IG, and we think we did a pretty fine job of it.

Throw in a few more babes, add a dash of some non-babe-centric stuff, and you’ve got pretty much the hottest 15 Things A Man Must Know edition ever.

Have fun scrolling, gentlemen!

Dang, Liz Hurley’s ass is the most beautiful 49-year-old thing we’ve ever seen.

15 things march 27Image via Theladbible.com

This video of Tom Hanks acting out memorable scenes from all his movies is guaranteed to be the most amazing eight minutes of your life today:

Video via The Late Late Show with James Corden

Meet Sofia Loren Deliu's fellow pulis na pretty: This scout instructor who can be the “tagapagligtas” of our hearts!

15 things march 27Image via AFP Modernization Insiders

Erica Simone
gave a new meaning to the term "flash photography" by shooting self-portraits around NYC without a stich on. It’s the kind of performance art we totally support.

15 things march 27Image via Nobofeed.com

If our GFs and wives were even half as hot as 32-year-old Ukrainian babe Alena Politukha, you can guarantee we’d never even look at another chick again. So we can’t understand why her husband Aleksandr, a politician, would even think about divorcing her. Apparently, he wasn’t glad about her sexy selfie habit…which is something we’d truly support. If you need a shoulder to cry on, Alena, we’re here!

15 things march 27Image via Mirror.co.uk

You remember the Mars One project, a reality show which aimed to send contestants on a one-way trip to the red planet? As it turns out, the project might just be as fake as your favorite porn star’s boobs. Sorry, Martian hopefuls.

15 things march 27GIF via Glee.wikia.com

Speaking of fake boobs, Iggy Azalea just admitted that her funbags aren’t the real deal. At least she’s honest about it!

15 things march 27GIF via Masetv.com

There’s an "adult preschool" in New York where folks aged 21 and up can do kid stuff like play with clay, finger paint, have snacks, and nap (NAPS!!!). We’d totally get on board with it if it didn’t cost $1,000 (around P45,000).

Video via Barcroft TV

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Jimena Sanchez
(no relation to Korina Sanchez), Mexico’s very own version of Kim Kardashian, is a total babe. Must. Follow. Stat.

15 things march 27

Here’s another must-follow chick: bodacious Sports Illustrated babe, who has a habit of posting half-naked photos on IG. You’re welcome, boys.

15 things march 27

We don’t understand why Lionel Messi seems to be getting all the flak in this photo when he is, in our humble opinion, the second best-dressed of the lot (Rafinha clearly takes the top spot). At least he won’t be looking back at this photo in ten years and wonder, "WTF was I thinking?!"

15 things march 27Image via Independent.co.uk

These British lads went out one Friday night for a relaxing time at a pub…and ended up the next morning in Pattaya, Thailand for their own version of The Hangover. Walang binatbat yung pag-Valks mo kagabi, bro.

15 things march 27GIF via Giphy.com

We’d gladly shell out a hundred thousand bucks for a car’s down payment right now if we could have Abigail Ratchford wash it. Every. Single. Day. We’re serious.

15 things march 27