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There are a million ways for a man to release stress. You can pig out in a pizza parlor. You can play videogames all day. You can go clubbing. And if you don’t get to meet girls in the clubs, there’s always porn.

The list of things you could do is limited only by your creativity, and to a certain extent, your budget (Ok, maybe to a LARGE extent, your budget).

Thankfully though, we also have the choice to revert to being simpletons, and just yield to the call of one of man’s greatest yet simplest pleasures: beer. Sometimes, a simple drinking session with pals is still the best way to wind down.

Consider this a virtual Friday night inuman with your bros from FHM. Take a bottle of beer, plop down in front of your computer, and let's all wax nostalgia about the good ol' days...with San Miguel Beer.

After all, who doesn't like talking about classic televsion fare, retro FPJ movies, and love teams from the 80s? Here, we compile class television ads for San Miguel’s flagship beer, the Pale Pilsen. Let the nostalgia begin!

The Seventies: “Mag Beer Muna Tayo”

“Beer Stock”
The simplicity of the times definitely reflects in this 1974 commercial. It’s straightforward and doesn’t beat around the bush in telling you to stock up on the goddamn beer!

Starring: Val Sotto look-alike at video’s 0:14 and 0:22 marks

Also, the whole commercial is done in rhymes, which goes:

“Inay, karamihan ay may stock ng San Miguel beer sa bahay.
Kay Mr. at Mrs. Nagara, ang beer ay pampagana
Sa magasawang Jun at Jane, beer ang madalas na pang-entertain
Ang beer stock naman ni Max, siyempre para sa pag-rerelax

Iba’t ibang rason, ngunit nagkaisa sila sa desisyon
Mag stock ng San Miguel sa bahay.”

Best line: See above.

SPECIAL THANKS TO Youtube users ADMan1909, HJChua, RicoJPunoTV, wanted556, kidscallmemrsniffles, sanmiguelpalepilsen, and squid10