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May 15, 2014
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FHM Nation, K-Pop girl group 2NE1 will be having their fifth anniversary concert at the SM Mall of Asia Arena this Saturday, May 17! 

Do you know what this means? The country's original Pambansang Koreana, Sandara Park, is back in town! And after seeing how gorgeous she's become, we plan to never ever let her go again!

Sandara Park

Sirs and madams, will you help us make our case? Join us in our attempt to convince Sandara to stay here for good!

Dara! Remember when you first left us to pursue a career in Korea? You were young and naive, but we totally understand your decision to fly home. If anything, it has done you a world of wonders. Having said that, the Philippines is a lot better now...we think. Please come back!


You could still do most of the stuff you love doing in SoKor here, like frolic in the beach. Laboracay just wrapped up, baby. The place is all yours!


We're still kind of traumatized from all the shootings that took place in Quezon City last weekend, but that's alright; we can still live with your gun-toting ways. We'll tell the PNP in advance to go easy on you!


The number of Ramen joints in the Philippines has also considerably gone up since you left, so don't you worry about running out of stuff to eat. Besides, we know you miss Pinoy food badly.


We even found a Korean boy who's just as krung-krung as you are. You did reveal on Aquino And Abunda Tonight that you're single at the moment, right? Maybe you and Ryan Bang could hit it off!


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