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Jun 9, 2010
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Nerds, rejoice! The iPhone 4 finally sees an official launch date, in the U.S. at least. [firstpara] That date is June 24, and we could only hope that we wouldn’t have to wait until December before it reaches our shores and our grubby iPhone-hungry hands.

So, in the interest of every gadget-lover in the Philippines, here is our message to official iPhone carrier, Globe Telecom: Get on it! And lower the price of the iPhone 3GS while you’re at it.

Here now are four reasons why we’re so psyched about it:

The high resolution screen

The iPhone 4 retains its 3.5-inch screen. But it’s now much sharper, with an impressive 960 x 640 resolution and 326 PPI (pixels per inch) rating. Compare that with the iPhone 3G’s yawn-inducing 480 x 320 resolution and 163 PPI. The closest to come to iPhone 4’s display is the HTC EVO 4G, which has an 800 x 480 resolution.

And not only that, the iPhone 4’s screen is scratch-resistant, too. Take that, Garfield!

Better photos and videos

The iPhone is capable of recording video with a resolution of 720p (1280 x 720) while the iPhone 3Gs recorded 640 x 480 resolution video. With this kind of power in our hands, we’ll be able to take videos of lolos fighting in brilliant HD! Yowzah!

The ancient 3-megapixel camera in the iPhone 3GS has been replaced with a slightly less ancient 5-megapixel camera. The iPhone 4 now also boasts an LED flash. Finally!

The A4 processor

The A4 processor is the same processor found in the iPad, so the iPhone 4 is going to be understandably powerful especially for such a compact device. One application that benefits from this processor is the iMovie for iPhone (available for $4.99), which lets you edit 720p HD movies on the unit itself.

Aside from that, we figure that the new processor will allow for apps and games that are much more visually stimulating.

The iPhone OS 4

Two words: efficient multi-tasking. The OS 4 finally allows you to switch between open programs, never having to close one to open another. And that’s just one of the 100 new features of the new OS, which also includes an e-book app called iBook, a 5x digital zoom capability for the camera, wireless keyboard support, and a spell-checking function among others.

Check out Techie.com.ph for more info on the iPhone 4.