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4 University Stereotypes We're All Tired Of Hearing

'All they do is organize rallies.'
| Sep 24, 2015
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Cosmo.ph asked students from different Filipino universities to share the funniest misconceptions they've heard about their school. Can you guess which colleges they come from?

Bawal pikon!

1)   "Sobrang boring ng mga tao diyan."

IDK, but people often judge girls who come from private all-girls schools to be a bunch of prudes (or lesbians, LOL). Another stereotype we've all heard? That kolehiyalas are malandi. Not always true! You can't judge the entire university based on that ONE girl whom you got lucky with!

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2)   "Puro porma lang 'yan, di naman nag-aaral."

Some students can be stylish AND smart. What's so wrong about looking fab while ~*trying*~ to ace that Algeb1 exam anyway?

3)   "All they do is organize rallies."

Para sa ekonomiya. PAK.

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4)   "Lahat ng tao diyan conyo."

Deins dude. You're just making us all gago.

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