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So, it’s a Wednesday again. Chances are you’re still trying to jumpstart yourself to (finally!) function properly at work. But we reckon you're more likely sitting somewhere wishing you could fast forward to the weekend.

Don’t worry; you're not as lazy as you think. We all feel the same way every time the midweek hump arrives. And because we're forever bros (fist bump!), below are five awesome videos to help you survive the second worst day of the work week (Mondays are just dreadful)!

Just promise us that after you’ve seen them, you'll try your best to start working, because you know, it’s Wednesday already!

Just A Man Casually Hugging A Pride Of Lions


What is Lion Whisperer Kevin Richardon's type of cat? These big, nasty, wild ones! Here's a closer angle from his Go Pro!

The Best Wrestling Move Ever


Your move, WWE!

Meet The Most Instagrammed Ass In The World


Kim K might own the most popular bums, but the most Instagrammed belongs to this lady!

Conan O'Brien Has An Illegitimate Son


Looks like Conan has some explaining to do.

This #Lebroning Thing Ain't A Flop


This craze's really transcending basketball! Right, NFL's Cam Newton?