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5 Lessons Learned from Nike We Run Manila 2012

So this is what a pulled hamstring feels like...
by Mikey Agulto | Dec 5, 2012
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Two filingero FHM staffers, Mikey Agulto and Gelo Gonzales, are very much in need of crutches and painkillers right now after taking part in the Nike We Run Manila 2012 this past Sunday, December 2, at the SM Mall of Asia open grounds. The annual event, which features a 10-kilometer race stretched across Seaside Boulevard, was graced by over 13,000 runners, all of whom took home a swag-arific Nike finisher’s tee to commemorate their running achievement. 

Here's a shout out to our friends at Nike Philippines! Click here to see the photos!

Aside from the agony they're experiencing up to now and the fancy Nike tee, Mikey and Gelo's painful yet awesome running experience taught them some really valuable lessons about marathons. No.1 is to not attempt to run a 10K if you could barely run 1k.

Below are five more beginner’s tips to consider before embarking on a running event. Here's to taking on a thousand more kilometers!

                                                                        'Taas kamay ang hindi pa naliligo!'

1. Take advantage of every water station on site
Unless you’re aiming for a world record-setting finish and not simply looking to walk out of there alive, it’s highly advisable to treat water stations as an opportunity to slow down and walk for a bit. The average 10-kilometer run has at least four water stations on site, most of which are found on the 2k, 4k, 6k, and 8k mark. Slow down, freshen up, re-hydrate, then proceed.

2. Always, always stretch outespecially your lower body
Do warm-ups that will stretch the muscles in your leg and back. Try the posterior thigh stretch, which involves sitting lengthwise along a table with your your right leg streched out above it. Lean towards your right leg until you feel a stretch behind your knee and on your calf, hold that position by clutching your right leg. Stretch your anterior thigh by holding the instep of your foot and then bend your leg, with your heel touching your buttocks. Click here for more stretching tips.

3. Stick to the left side if you’re planning to slow down
Here’s one unspoken rule that’s long been established in the running community: If you intend to slow down while running alongside a pack, maneuver to the left side of the track. Faster runners tend to overtake the regular ones by hopping over to their right side, which may lead to a minor collision if the slower runners aren’t looking.

4. A little sight-seeing can go a long way
With over 13,000 runners packed in one race track, our FHM staffers were bound to spot their fair share of pretty faces, bootylicious behinds, and eye-melting pairs of silky white legs. That’s pretty much how they survived the race in the first place—by setting their sights on chinitas and mestizas all the way through. Wherever these ladies went, our staffers were right behind them. They even saw Solenn Heussaff somewhere in there, but she outran them...

5. Eat a banana before and after the race
A couple of energy drinks and a piece of banana were handed to runners as soon as they reached the finish line, and for a good reason, bananas are rich in electrolytes. Electrolytes is a term used to describe different elements that, when dissolved in bodily fluids such as your blood, carry an electrical charge. Electrolytes are needed for chemical reactions in the body to work properly, and can help avoid fatigue, constipation, and muscle weakness. But in our runners case, they really needed something to put in their mouths before they pass out.

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