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Dec 10, 2010
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We’ve all seen that Maggie Wilson pre-nup video, circulating all over the web and by now must have garnered more than a hundred thousand views. Our March 2009 cover babe sure knows how to end singlehood with a bang.

Now Maggie Wilson is officially off-limits, but by no means does it indicate that she's off our hot babe radars. Married or not, we can watch this video time and again just to set ourselves in the mood.

That, or we can start moving on and watch these just-as-racy and sexy music videos instead:

Making love for the sake of revenge: “Evidence” by Urbandub

Wholesome celebrity Iza Calsado, who happens to have Maggie Wilson as co-star in Beauty Queen, plays the leading ladylove in what would be the band’s raunchiest music video to date.

As if doing a love scene with Iza ain’t steamy enough, the ending will leave you gasping from disbelief, courtesy of blood, dead bodies, and a silver hammer. Go ahead and figure it out.

Getting it on in the most free-spirited manner: “Teenage Dream” by Katy Perry
The awesome things Katy Perry do that makes us forget she’s a married woman. Playing out her own fantasies in most of her videos, we’re just glad she’s game and willing to act them out as she imagined it: steamy, sexy, and sensual. The director’s cut features plenty of make-out scenes while the uncut version’s got Katy going topless as she wets herself in the pool.

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