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Aug 15, 2014
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Here to send you off to another weekend of work-less fun is another batch of FHM Sexy GIFs!

We've stared at endless loops of Koreans, and Pinays doing their thang. Now, we turn our sights on Japanese girls. Specifically: gravure idol Aki Hoshino, who we saw cavorting around in a schoolgirl outfit on YouTube!

We processed the vid on our GIF-making machine, and shabazz! Never-ending cycles of see-through schoolgirl outfits, pa-cute faces and ribbon-dropping!

1)   Hey, not-so-gentlemen! Time to ogle! 

2)   Uh-oh, she caught you staring!

3)   Uh-oh, she dropped her ribbon!

4)  And her skirt has magically disappeared!

5)   She makes herself comfortable on the bed...aaaand the rest is up to your imagination! 

Happy weekend, fellas! Check out our weekend guide now, so you won't accidentally use up your entire weekend wanking off!