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Dec 29, 2010
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2010 has been good and all, but what's the point in praising what has been? [firstpara]

2011 is only just a couple of days away, and that's what we're looking forward to.

With the new year just around the corner, we're getting excited of what we might be able to get our hands on, watch, and listen to in this year of the bunny.

While some of you might be wishing for more one-night stands or whatnot, here are five things that have us all riled up.

Nintendo 3DS
It was only a matter of time before all that fancy 3D technology we saw in cinemas and TVs trickled down to portable gadgets. And boy is it trickling down in a big manner.

Nintendo's next portable gaming device, the Nintendo 3DS, brings 3D to the gamer who likes playing on the go. The best thing here is that it won't even require you to wear those geeky 3D glasses.

With big names, Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil, already on board, this one's looking mighty fine!

Playstation Phone
A phone that also plays games is old news. Hey, we've had that since the Nokia 5110 made us all smile with Snake. And with the iPhone, weren't we all addicted to Plants Vs. Zombies?

Now there's a new player in town, hoping to get a slice of the phone-gaming device hybrid pie: the PSP Phone. It's a Playstation Portable and phone in one, and it's rumored to have graphics that nearly match the level of the Playstation 3's offerings. With the Playstation brand, this is sure to be on the wishlist of many a geek. Rumor has it that it will be available by April 2011. Keep your fingers crossed.

With all due respect to Captain America and The Green Hornet, Thor is the one comic book movie in 2011 that seems to really get the blood flowing.

For the uninitiated, the film is about the Norse god of thunder who is exiled to earth stripped of most of his powers and his trusty hammer.  Directed by Kenneth Branagh (known mostly for his Shakespeare adaptations) and starring Australian actor, Chris Hemsworth in the title role, Thor is likely the most explosive comic book movie of 2011.

Deftones in Manila
Manila has become a concert destination lately, but the one being held in February 2011 is what really made us get up from our seats and head straight for the ticket booths.


Yes indeed, we love Deftones, and their latest album, Diamond Eyes, which we reviewed a couple weeks back, only made us love them more. So all of you who love loud ferocious rock, you know where you have to be. World Trade Center, Pasay City. February 12, 2011. 8 PM.

Is this too much to ask for? Pacquiao's next fight is with Shane Mosley, a respectable fighter who's simply too old to fight toe-to-toe with the people's champ. Frankly, it's getting harder and harder to care for a Pacquiao fight, because at this point, no one is seriously going to put up a challenge other than Money Mayweather.

For this fight not to happen, it would be a major diss to boxing fans worldwide. We're hoping it does happen, and in 2011 please, while both fighters are still in their athletic prime.