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Jun 28, 2010
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The Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, the world’s most prestigious event on creativity in communications, recently wrapped up its festivities yesterday, June 27.
And the fantastic news is that our country brought home a silver Lion in the Young Marketers’ Competition and multiple silver and bronze Lions in the Outdoor and Radio categories. (Click here to see our country’s award-winning ad entries.)

For industry insiders, the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival is regarded as the Academy Awards of the advertising industry.

The Lion trophy, on the other hand, is the equivalent of an Oscar trophy.

With that, we bring you the five TV commercials that, while they didn't win any awards, have sure surpassed their expiry dates!

Bulldog Super Glue
Duration: Running since 2008
Winning Piece:Bumaligtad na kayo!

A humorous attempt at demonstrating a product, a man’s shoes being glued upside down is merely a point the people behind Bulldog Super Glue are trying to emphasize.

The funny part, however, is not the crazy stunt but the actual logo of the words “Believe It,” which seems to be a chopped-up version of the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not logo.

Fortunately, we haven’t heard any complaints from the Ripley camp so far. Not that they would care anyway.

Dragon Katol
Duration: Running since the 1980s
Winning Piece: “Dragon kung umusok. Lamok, siguradong tepok! “

Before the joke became a cliché, the “slap you-slap me” concept in this Dragon Katol commercial was a lot clever back then.

Perhaps taking advantage of the Marlboro Man's popularity in the States, the same people behind the classic Family Rubbing Alcohol commercial made another memorable work here.

With a working slapstick humor and a funny mockery of the American cowboy, Dragon Katol has achieved the amazing: deliver a basic message about a simple katol that would last for decades.

Next: Alaska Milk makes it here!