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50 Greatest Modern Pinoy Films
<p>50 Greatest Pinoy Modern Films</p>
| Aug 7, 2008
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Live Show (2000)
Director: Jose Javier Reyes

What makes this exploration into the world of live sex workers shocking is that it came from a director best known for his harmless romps into middle-class foibles. It’s raw, it’s ugly (you’ll think yourself a pervert if the sex scenes arouse you), and the firestorm of controversy caused the resignation of then-MTRCB chief Nick Tiongson.

Direk Joey Javier Reyes on Live Show:
On the banning of Live Show

“Live Show was meant to be a statement about the Philippines. It was meant to be a statement about poverty. It was meant to be a statement about the despair of struggling Filipinos. So you carry that with you while filming. That’s why when the controversy exploded and there was a reaction from the Church and all the other institutions, I said, the real pornography was the banning because it was political pornography.”
On the Berlin Film Festival
“When Live Show was screened there in 2000, that was the only moment in my entire life when I felt like a Filipino filmmaker. It’s a great moment of pride for me. I remember pagdating namin nina Mother Lily doon, there was a limousine and a beautiful Mercedes Benz coaster waiting. Mother was about to go to the limousine when then the organizer said, ‘No, no, no. The producer rides the coaster. The director rides the limousine.’ And that was the only moment in time in which I felt that the filmmaker was more important than the producer.

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