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Sep 9, 2014
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Heads up, FHM Nation: Master magician David Blaine will perform at the Smart Araneta Coliseum this Friday, September 12!

Here's an idea: Why don't you learn some of David's tricks and use them to impress your girlaloo? Because if Mr. Blaine's colorful lovelife is any indication (the dude has reportedly dated Madonna, Fiona Apple, Daryl Hannah, and a couple of Victoria's Secret models), brooding magicians tend to get all the girls.

Read on to learn how to execute a few of his signature tricks!

The Coin Bite Trick

Video via Devon Tyler

While most magicians would make a coin disappear, David would rather munch on it like a chocolate chip cookie. And before you can even react, he'll spit the coin back in one piece. So how does he do it? Well, watch this:


Video via xdamoneyx

Snatch it!

A real coin
A magic/gimmicked coin (sold at magic shops)
Acting chops and an ounce of convincing powers

The trick:
1. Show the real coin to your girl and her girlfriends. You can even let them pass it around to further hype your act
2. When you get the real coin back, swiftly switch it with the gimmicked coin
3. Pretend to bite the gimmicked coin while you're actually folding the other end
4. Blow/spit the missing piece by letting go of the folded end

The Decapitated Chicken Trick

Video via Funny

Be a chicken berdugo and freak her out by cutting the head of some poor chicken using only your hand. Perfect for when you help her cook tinola for Sunday lunch at her house.

Snatch it!

A live chicken
A fake chicken head (sold at magic shops)
Above average chicken holding skills

The Trick:
1. According to goodtricks.net, most birds are quite flexible and can be compressed into little spaces without harm. In this trick, David tucks the chicken's head under one of its wings while tightly holding it around his arms.
2. He then uses his free hand and position the fake chicken head in its place and pulls it hard–creating the illusion of decapitating the poor chicken.
3. After freaking out his audience, he slips the fake head into the chicken's wing and frees its real head at the same time.

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