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Jun 10, 2010
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 Today, gaming blog Kotaku.com reports the surprising appearance of a new Mortal Kombat trailer for what seems to be a new movie or possibly a new game. [firstpara]To be honest, the Mortal Kombat franchise—once seen to be at par with the Street Fighter series—hasn’t been all that bloody good these past few years, or to be more harsh about it, ever since Mortal Kombat Trilogy was released way back in 1996.


It’s 2010 now, and today, as mentioned above, an exciting, gritty, new Mortal Kombat trailer has popped up online.


Is it a movie? Is it for a new Mortal Kombat game targeting a darker, less comical direction? After watching, we hoped it was one of these two, given the awesomeness of the trailer.


Sadly, it isn’t. It’s actually the work of director Kevin Tancharoen, and it serves as his pitch to Warner Bros. Pictures (who holds the right to make films for the series). At the very least, there’s hope for loyal Mortal Kombat fans (we know you’re still there) to see what could possibly be a grittier movie adaptation of a once-beloved series.


You’ll never really know, won’t you, especially with a series as crazy as Mortal Kombat. You know what’s even crazier? These seven most insane MK fatalities of all time!


Kano pulls out a whole skeletal system



Is that even humanly possible? It’s like the most awesome reverse-fillet we’ve ever seen, only it’s just not possible. What’s more, there’s no trace of blood, muscle tissue, or tiny bits of flesh left on the skeleton! What is this, a videogame?!