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9 Most Epic Rap Battles In The History of Epic Rap Battles Of History

From Darth Vader to Adam and Eve and Moses, no one is safe from this YouTube comedy series
by Gelo Gonzales | Dec 5, 2013
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Epic Rap Battles of History by American comedians Lloyd Alquist and Peter Shukoff (known better by their web aliases EPICLloyd and Nice Peter) is a YouTube series that pits two personalities in rap battles.

Unlike that local rap battle league, FlipTop, the "rap-battlers" don't go by codenames like "Dello," "Abra," or "Loonie." Instead, we have Hitler and Darth Vader trying to out-evil each other; Batman and Sherlock Holmes busting rhymes to determine the alpha-detective; and Master Chief and Leonidas stashing away their weapons for a good ol' war of words. Or as featured in a separate article, a mouthful bout between our time's two greatest athletes, Jordan and Ali.

The show, now on its third season, is like Celebrity Deathmatch without the claymation and constant decapitations. Taking their place: visuals like you're on acid, and an awesome replete of rhymes inspired by the personalities' victories and failings. With rap battles already a hit on the Internet, the addition of these historic celebrities has served to power these videos to tens of millions of views.

The three-year-old series has become one of our favorite time wasters. Today, it is about to become yours too as we share--cue epic hiphop beat--the nine most epic rap battles in the history of Epic Rap Battles of History!



Epic moments:

When Vader force-chokes Hitler:

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2) When Vader freezes Hitler like Han Solo:

3) When Hitler introduces himself (in case we didn't recognize the 'stache)                                                                      

When Hitler shows us his baby photo                                                                                                                                                                      

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Epic moments:

1) When Beethoven stares down Bieber, and commands him to listen up

2) When three mini-Beethoven pops up on Beethoven's shoulder

3) When Beethoven accuses Bieber of being a "white Usher," and turns him into an usher.

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