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Jan 10, 2011
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We all love Chuck Norris, legendary action star and martial artist known for his roles in Walker: Texas Ranger, Way of the Dragon, and a long line of tough guy films in the 80s.
Modern culture now tags him as the dude enjoying online cult hero status with the emergence of “Chuck Norris Facts,” a list of factoids that confirms Chuck’s god-like status and how everything he disapproves is punishable by "death by roundhouse kick."

Now the legend of Chuck Norris’ has reached a new high.

"Chuck Norris' Black and Blue Dream" is a new brand of weed being sold in pot shops everywhere in Los Angeles, Californ-i-ia. 

Pot shops in California who labeled one of their weed strains after Chuck, claims that this particular brand of weed contains "a real kick to it," TMZ reports.

That much we believe, but using Chuck Norris’ name in vain and smoking him in the process could have very painful consequences.

A little education: Weed can be legally bought in California, given you have prescriptions and you'll ultimately use it for medical reasons.

Recreational use of cannabis, of course, is still out of the question. Which means Chuck would disapprove of it if he finds out. Uh-oh.

Norris’ camp claims that this marketing plot was never authorized by Chuck himself, though his people has yet to make any legal action against those who market their buds under his name.

But if the real-life Chuck Norris is known for anything, it’s the fact that he has always been a man of faith and principle - Chuck wouldn’t associate himself with anything taboo. But then again, he could simply lighten up and, perhaps, light it up?

All the same, potheads better watch your backs. That is, unless Chuck already broke it in half: