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A Cliffnote on P-Noy's SONA

We cite the good, the bad, and the <em>labo </em>moments
by Mikey Agulto | Jul 26, 2011
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Help Direct to the Poor
Aquino also directed the public’s attention to the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program, which aims to give cash assistance directly to the poor.

  • He praised Secretary Dinky Soliman, for reportedly having 1.6 Million beneficiaries out of the 2 million registered.
  • By helping the poor, he said that this also directly contributes the business sector, because it is no use selling stuff when people have no money. He also cited the improved service of PhilHealth.

ARMM and Election Postponement
He said that because of the autonomy and the different election schedule of the ARMM, they can freely aid their choice candidate to ensure victory, and in turn, get their chosen candidate’s support when they themselves run for their respective office.

  • By postponing the elections to be synchronized with the national elections, local officials would focus on their own campaigns, and not divert public funds to prepare their support for their next choice candidate.  

Corruption and the 1-Billion Peso Coffee
Aquino stressed that he has not forgotten to persecute the corrupt officials of the past administration. He said that it is true that he takes the fight against corruption personally, saying that he takes doing the right thing personally.

  • He cannot allow them to go freely because it only invites others to do the same if they allow corruption to go unpunished. He said that one year in, and they are still discovering anomalies in agencies of the past administration.
  • He cited the PAGCOR and its previous management, which spent 1-billion Pesos on coffee. He took this opportunity to introduce his newly appointed Ombudsman, former Supreme Court Justice Conchita Carpio-Morales, who he said will not let such anomalies go unpunished.

A Government That Works for the People
Aquino concludes his SONA by applauding his cabinet officers, and giving credit to the Filipino people for creating a government that works for them.

  • He does not mind people criticizing his method, as it has produced results, compared to the method of the previous administration which he said brought us to the sorry state that he adopted.
  • He appeals to the people not to find faults in everything, but rather see the good in it. Instead of dragging progress back, move forward by recognizing the goodness we encounter from the people in our everyday lives; the traffic enforcer who works despite the weather, the teacher who shares education, the nurse who takes care of you instead of some foreigner for a higher pay, and the workers who made the bumpy roads smooth.
  • He thanked his boss, the Filipino people, for all the change that has been achieved in the past year.

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