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Jun 19, 2010
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If someone had told you’d have a chance to date 2009’s finest, Cristine Reyes, what would you have told them?[firstpara] Bollocks would have been a good word. Because an ordinary joe getting a chance to date a woman a whole nation fantasizes over isn’t as regular an occurrence as the sun rising in the east everyday.

But this year definitely ain’t no ordinary year, as one lucky man will have the chance to take Cristine Reyes to a 3-day vacation in Boracay in Colt 45’s Vava-Vroom Real Man promo.


And if not Cristine, Colt 45 is also giving away an awesome Ford 4x4 truck with a Colt 45 custom tribal-inspired paint job.

But let’s back up the truck talk for a moment, because there's still Cristine. Beautiful Cristine. We asked her what a real man is for her. The cover girl gave us a quick but meaningful answer: Dapat totoo sa sarili nya. Hindi naman astig, basta lang totoo sa sarili niya at hindi pretentious.” She also adds, “Kailangan man enough siya. Kailangan kunwari pag ka-date niya ako, kailangan lahat ng gusto ko susundin niya diba.

Cristine also jokes that if she asked her man to drink a whole case of Colt 45, the man should follow her request…without ever getting drunk.

A tall order right there, impossible even, considering the beer’s alcohol content of 7.2% is one of the highest in the country. But if it’s for Cristine, we’ll do our best to act sober.

Regarding her dream date, the assertive lass had this to say:Ang Philippines naman is known for its great beaches, kaya maganda siguro kung sa Boracay kami mag-date. Tapos kailangan gawin namin yung mga sports dun, like yung jet-ski, ATV, tapos romantic date, and siyempre romantic dinner.”

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