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FHM Battle Royale: Which Pinoy Airline Has The Prettiest Flight Attendants?

As The Great Melissa Mendez Ejection winds down, a new question stems from this controversy: Who are those...cute Cebu Pacific flight attendants? And more importantly, who has the prettiest flight crew in the country?
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Mar 25, 2015
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A funny thing happened after we published our FHM Explainer about Melissa Mendez, an even bigger question was posed by the FHM Nation stemming from the said controversy. And no, it's neither about Andrew Wolff nor the rumor that he's actually dating this Rey Pamaran. But rather this one: Who are the two pretty Cebu Pacific flight attendants in Wolff's Instagram photo of the incident?

FHM Explainer: Who The Hell Is Melissa Mendez?

Yes, sirs! They are indeed hot! If anyone here knows them personally, please do message us quick!

This also got us thinking, since being attractive is one of the unspoken requirements of being a flight attendant and we always look forward to meeting pretty stewardess every time we board a plane, we ask ourselves: Which airline has the prettiest FAs in the country?

It's debate time!


The official flag carrier of the country, PAL serves 31 local destinations and 36 overseas destinations, and based on this YouTube video, their FAs own the meanest kembot in flight.

Now, here are their contenders:

The people who make PAL Your Home in the Sky - our flight attendants wearing warm smiles. :) #PALFlyFriday

A photo posted by Philippine Airlines (@flypal) on

They don't even need to hire commercial models since these women can already pass for one!

This is exciting! 7 more hours ‘til you discover #YourHomeintheSky!

A photo posted by Philippine Airlines (@flypal) on

Learn more about our Cabin Crew Recruitment Tour at http://bit.ly/LXhKm7

A photo posted by Philippine Airlines (@flypal) on

Okay, boys. Easy lang sa tingin. Kasama si kuya!


The girls from Cebu Pac might have the slight advantage here, since the two controversial FAs are part of their group. Also, they have this chinita beauty that also went viral couples of years ago:

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Image via mrcheapjustice.wordpress.com

In case you've forgotten, she is Cebu Pac stewardess Karen Tracy Vitug who made headlines in 2010 after a passenger recorded her crew's entertaining safety instructions while dancing to Lady Gaga and uploaded it on YouTube. As of this writing, the video already has 10,972,676 views.


Video via wingco1129's YouTube channel

And here are the rest of the beautiful girls in orange and yellows:

Image via skyscrapercity.com

They're all good-looking, but the one in the middle is mighty fine!

Image via mrcheapjustice.wordpress.com

Swerte mo, Boss Lance Gokongwei! We'd be smiling too if we were "going long-haul" with these ladies. *wink*

Image via flyhay.blogspot.com


One of the fast-rising budget airlines not just in the country but the entire Southeast Asian region, Air Asia Philippines is an affiliate of Air Asia which is based in Malaysia. They may be a smaller carrier compared to the other two airlines on this list but don't you underestimate their working force, especially their good-looking stewardess!


Image via mbbspi.com

Image via pep.ph

Image via imgkid.com