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Akira Hassan - FHM 100% Hottie January 2013
Kick off the new year with this stunner of a hottie
by Gelo Gonzales | Jan 7, 2013
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It isn’t typical for a model to grab some pizza right before a shoot. But here was Akira, who you’ve previously seen in our October issue, truly enjoying a cheesy, meaty slice after our make-up artist had finished dolling her up. She was hungry and hadn’t eaten all day, she said.

At that moment, it became obvious that she was someone who did things her way. We were on to her, and we were hoping that she wasn’t going to be too much a diva. (In the end, she wasn’t, and the pizza had little effect on her waist anyway)

Downing a glass of water, and dabbing a tissue on her lips afterwards, the shoot finally starts. The flash bulbs had barely been able to warm up when she half-demanded to take everything off. Us from the waist down screamed yes. Us from the waist above said, “Hold on, this is supposed to be nice and slow.” The latter prevailed; she held on to the clothes for a little while longer, and on these pages you now see the wonderful results.

Later we asked her about the pizza incident, and, as we expected, we learned that Akira Hassan is a woman who knows what she wants, and gets what she wants.

Also, in spite of her rush to strip down, she enthuses that she demands lovemaking of the nice and slow type. There has to be romance. There has to be tension and build-up and possibly a whole lot of kissing on a whole lot of places other than the lips. Most of all, she and her man must be dripping sweat by the time the deed is over. "That's how I can tell if it had been a good, satisfying night," she says.

Whereas most other women would be too shy to let their fantasies known, Akira lets hers be out in the open. (And if only more women could be as vocal as her, perhaps  their men would be able to please them fully.) We need more of her type. A woman who can speak freely of what or what doesn’t pique her desires. A woman who will not let anything get in the way to satisfy a hunger when it strikes.  

Who do you look up to in terms of, well, sex appeal?
Christine Reyes.

What is it about Cristine?
Nakita ko kasi talaga sa personal yun, sa Boracay. Sexy talaga. Parang hindi mo na kailangan ng Photoshop. Lahat lahat sexy. Alam ko wala siyang retoke. Idol ko lang yung katawan pati mukha. Simpleng-simple lang.

What does she have that you also have?
Sa 'kin? Ang daming nagsasabi na kamukha ko raw siyapag walang make-up. Pero hindi ko alam na kamukha ko siya, madami lang nagsasabi. Pero matagal ko na siyang idol, di pa siya ganun kasikat, gustong-gusto ko na talaga siya.

Physical attributes aside, what makes you sexy?
Yung pagiging makulit ko siguro.

Do people immediately notice that?
Ha ha! Minsan siguro. Tatawa lang sila. Hindi ko nga alam, basta hindi ako nauubusan ng sasabihin. At saka parang makapal yung mukha ko. Makapal ba?

That’s an ideal trait for anyone in this business. During the shoot, you were ready to take your clothes off. Don’t you like taking it slow?
Ha ha! Parehas lang. Gusto kong mag-start slow muna tapos mga kalagitnaan na fast, slow, fast, slow, fast, slow. Ha ha! I love romance. But, at the same time, gusto ko andun yung love.  Ayoko yung hardcore [sex]. Ayoko nung parang may hampas-hampas pang nalalaman. Ayoko talaga yun.

Noted. No roughhousing.
Gusto ko yung ramdam mo yung kiliti.

Expound, please!
Yung iba kasing mga kakilala ko gusto nila hardcore, sabi ko, “Bakit?” Sabi ko, “Parang wala na yung love dun di ba?” Ako gusto ko yung parang inu-unti unti ako. Yung masasabi ko, “kiss mo ako hanggang dito, tapos hanggang diyan.” Dahan-dahan para may build-up at may thrill!

Hanggang saan?
Dito sa paa! Ha ha! Hanggang dito di ba? Tapos sunod dun, yung mga ganun. Basta ayoko nung sinasabunutan pa, ayoko ng hinahampas. Basta kapag nasaktan ako tatadyakan ko siya sa ano! Ha ha!

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Clothes from Statement; Accessories from Hailey and Five ( and Raid Clothing (; Shoes from VNC

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