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Nov 30, 2013
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There’s something scary about powerful women.

Take for instance, Ms. Alice Dixson.

She’s a 30-year showbiz veteran with over 50 films to her name. She started in the business as a sensation, regarded by many as the face (and spinning shoulders) of the ‘80s. She’s a well-respected actress; an artista so beloved that even a brief hiatus couldn’t diminish her ability to fuel wet dreams—both young and old.


Remember that famous line?

Then, at age 44, she took a leap into the unknown: She said yes to FHM!

We’ve already shared with you her explanation why she did it… But we haven’t yet told you about how she influenced almost every detail of her first sexy photo shoot.

It was a Saturday morning. Ms. Alice arrived in jeans and a hooded sweater. She seemed like she had just gotten out of the shower was ready to “work,” a veteran pro arriving for another day in her glamorous office. From there, things took a slow and quiet pace; we were painfully shy and were wary not to act stupid in front of such a classy woman.

We assumed that the shoot would also adopt the workmanlike pace. Ms. Alice had carefully picked her clothes, told our photographer of what she could and couldn’t do, and then asked everyone to pocket their cameras and video cam (don’t worry, we asked her nicely for a few shots and she agreed). 

And then… Magic!


She had already controlled the environment; it was now time to have fun. She started flashing everyone her immortal smile. She followed the poses no matter how giggly she felt while doing it. And when she couldn't control it anymore, she would let out a high-pitched laugh. Ms. Alice got what she wanted and ran away with it.

Right there and then we knew: The FHM Nation is going to have a wonderful Christmas!

Speaking of the holidays, our mesmerizing cover girl is just the brim of the overflowing stocking of gifts we have for you this December. We also found time to: concoct a guide for all you old farts who haven’t heard of One Direction or wondered why Daniel Padilla is a teen sensation, school you on the new rules of fashion, and let you go voyeur on a gamut of FHM Babes, among others.

Our December 2013 issue will be available in newsstands and bookstores everywhere starting Monday evening, December 2, 2013! Digital copies will also be available for download at www.summitnewsstand.com.ph/fhm.

And now for the best part: As promised, below is the gallery of our exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from Ms. Alice’s cover shoot. Check it out!


Photos Doc Marlon Pecjo, Mark Jesalva