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Dec 4, 2013
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Hey there, Ms. Alice Dixson, your royal highness, what good could we have possible said or done for you to finally grace the cover of our magazine? Because really, we're not worthy. Biggest honor evah!

Why we're giving her the royal treatment, we have our reasons. For one, Alice has long been one of the bestest babes in the planet way before FHM Philippines ever came to be, and for her to continue to do so to this day has got to amount to something. Those who grew up during the '80s and the '90s will totally back us up on this one, right, bros?


But here's the best part: We have tons of throwback photos to prove it! Freshly dusted off from the most forsaken corners of our library, here are 25 Alice Dixson photos that will remind you how sexy she was even from way back. Scroll down to see 'em all. Masaya 'to!

Alice Dixson                              Alice says Mother Lily tried to convince her to go sexy back then, but to no avail

Alice Dixson                                                                                           Alice in 1994

Alice Dixson                                                                                         Alice in 1992

Alice Dixson                                                                                             Alice in 1992

Alice Dixson                                                                                          Alice in 1991

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Photos Manila Times, Bandera