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A Sun-Kissed Andi Eigenmann Is FHM's May 2016 Cover Girl

Warning: Get ready to see double
by John Paulo Aguilera | Apr 29, 2016
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First and foremost, allow us to express our utmost gratitude to the supremely beguiling Sam Pinto for kicking off beach season as April's Cover Girl. We'd be lying if we said that we didn't miss working with such a fine woman like her.

Moving on, we may be seeing a new face for our fast-approaching May issue, but one thing hasn't changed: Our appetite for being soaked and sun-kissed hasn't waned a bit.

Boys and girls, meet our mestiza marvel, May 2016 Cover Girl, Andi Eigenmann.

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Take another good look at next month's banner muse:

You can now stop rubbing your eyes.

You are indeed seeing double, as our May issue boasts not only one, but TWO cover versions of Andi's allure. Those rosy, perfectly freckled cheeks, those talking, brown eyes, a body made more magnificent by childbearing—all in two perspectives.

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As carefree as the shoot's layouts are, signing her up for this, on the other hand, hadn't been a walk in the park. Andi and FHM both having developed a renewed sense of maturity turned out to be the clincher.

"I feel like I'm at the point in my career where I can show what I can do without so many restrictions," she tells us. "Well, it's always worth it to take risks. Appearing in FHM is one of the risks I want to take. Anyway, you've changed your format so I know it won't be so scary. Look at this as a kind of pre-celebration of my 10th year in showbiz."

At 25, a decade of being active in the industry seems a milestone for any celebrity. Andi makes clear that such achievement entails a lot.

She shares, "A lot of people would always refer to me as a strong person. But what they don't know is that I'm not the only one. Every single person who lasts in the showbiz industry is strong in their own way."


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If getting knocked up in the middle of a burgeoning career and raising a lovely daughter all by herself, while striving to remain relevant in the biz isn't strong enough for you, then we seriously don't know what else is. In this day and age where women aspires no less than being empowered, Andi might just be their unlikely poster child.

The Eigen(lady) issue also contains primers on the forthcoming national elections and when (finally) buying a car, and a chat with the modern monarch of Pinoy romantic comedies, director Dan Villegas.

FHM May 2016 will be available in supermarkets, convenience stores, newsstands, and bookstores nationwide starting on Monday, May 2!

You can score digital copies in the following days through the FHM app on Apple App Store ( and on Google Play (, Buqo, and the Summit Media Newsstand (!

Meanwhile, here's a sneak peek at Andi's scintillating summer shoot:

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