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Angel Locsin Returns As Darna: Here's Why It Makes Perfect Sense

We've never seen Angel this excited before!
by Mikey Agulto | Jul 2, 2014
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FHM Nation, have you heard the good news? Star Cinema just announced that Angel Locsin is set to reprise the much coveted role of Darna later this year, and it promises to be the mother lode of all Pinoy superhero flicks!

That sounds really awesome, Angel, but just how big is this thing?

“Naku, you have no idea gaano kalaki. Kasi kahit ako nagulat eh,” admits Angel, who already met with studio executives last week. “Never akong naka-experience ng ganito kalaking project, o nakarinig man lang. First time ito sa buong history ng Pilipinas. Overwhelmed ako kung gaano kalaking proyekto, gaano kaganda, at kung gaano kagagaling yung mga taong kinuha nila behind the camera.”

Angel, who first played the Mars Ravelo-created character in 2005, also revealed that Erik Matti (On The Job) will helm the project. “Wala na akong mahihiling pagkatapos nito. Sobrang kuntento na ako sa mga nangyayari,” she adds. We’ve never heard her talk like this before, which means this is bound to be scary good!

Angel returning as Darna makes perfect sense to us. People have clamored to see her in that star-emblazoned bra once more, and it would be interesting to see how she will fare now that she's more mature and accomplished. Besides, have you all forgotten how hot she looks in that costume? Allow us to refresh your beer-addled memory!

The actresses who portrayed Darna got the brave girl bit spot on, but it was Angel who gave the character a different spin by portraying her as maangas. "Come at me, bro!"


Angel understood that Darna wasn't invincible, so she made it a point to deliberately stumble during fight scenes. We loooove how she used to pick herself up.


You know what else we loved? The fact that Angel gave her viewers what they really, really wanted to see. It's like her arms were the aircraft wings, while her funbags steered her to her destination. Yay!

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Angel also said something about working with the best production team in the business. Is she pertaining to the cameraman who took this shot? Splendid job, mister. We hope they hire you back for the film remake!


There are not a whole lot of women who can make us check out their kili-kili instead of their cleavage, but Angel managed to do just that. 

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