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Jan 16, 2014
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You all must have heard of this by now: Anne Curtis is the new Dyesebel!

Though this isn't really Anne's first brush with mermaid-dom (we already saw how hot of a sirena she can be during her Dyosa days), we're still really excited to see Anne almost topless gracefully swimming underwater again.

And on top of everything, she'll now be joining the ranks of Marian Rivera, Alice Dixson, and Vilma Santos, all of whom played the iconic role in the past.

This got us thinking: Among the many Pinays who have played the role of a beautiful sea nymph, who are the best? In short, Who's the Fairest Mermaid of Them All?  Below are our picks!

Marian Rivera
(Dyesebel, 2008)

Months after finishing Marimar, the show that catapulted her to elite stardom, Marian was chosen to play the lead role in GMA’s primetime series Dyesebel. Though she may have already showed a dose of her sexy side in Marimar, playing Dyesebel required more skin-showing from the primetime actress. Topless kung topless, right, Marian?

Her willingness to show a little more skin was not for naught, she was voted as FHM's Sexiest Woman in The World that year!

Toplessness: YES! But no one expected to see a nip—this is Marian we’re talking about and the show was on primetime.

Costume: Aside from her perfectly-crafted mermaid tail, Marian’s Dyesebel also used seashells and gold ornaments. She’s probably the most accessorized sirena to date.

Swimming Ability: Marian's definitely a good swimmer. Heck, she can even shake her hips ala-Marimar underwater!

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