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Apr 4, 2016
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Following the footsteps of the jumping jack-loving Roxana Vancea is Susana Almeida, another weather girl who seems to be oblivious of her job's dress code.

From the news segment that introduced us to Yanet Garcia, the next best thing to weather reporting since Ernie Baron, comes this Mexican presenter from Televisa Guadalajara who went viral over a "pants-y" predicament.

The curvy Almeida was doing her regular weather spot when viewers noticed something jutting out of her yoga pants: a camel toe.

Almeida was completely unaware of the revealing wardrobe malfunction that may have had something to do with the spike in TV ratings for the program that day.

The video, unsurprisingly, has already garnered 222,171 views on YouTube and numerous comments in need of Google Translate.

The web's new contender for the "favorite weathergirl" status seems to have embraced the fame kindly, even indulging fans with posts like this on Twitter: