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Feb 27, 2014
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FHM went sightseeing at the Philippine Art Fair 2014 last weekend!

The annual exhibit, which was held at The Link Carpark last February 20-23, showcased the best in Philippine modern and contemporary art in an alternative urban setting. This year's edition builds on the enthusiastic public response and continuing support for the vibrant local art scene. It featured 28 of the country's finest art galleries and seven solo exhibitions from Pinoy visual artists. Fellas, this is why Filipinos are regarded as one of the bests artistes in Southeast Asia!

So just how good were this year's entries? We sent our resident lensman to find out. Check out some of the awesome stuff we saw below!

If an alternative world indeed exists, this is how their Philippine peso would look like.

Art Fair

We think we know what's going on here—seems to us Tony's accusing Carmen of being a whore. That's not a nice thing to say, Tony.

Art Fair

We've no idea what this one's about, but we just found our peg for our next photo shoot. 

Art Fair

Is this supposed to be a psych test? Because if it is, we're failing miserably.

Art Fair
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Photos Mark Jesalva