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Nov 11, 2013
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Last Friday, November 8, ABS-CBN field reporter Atom Araullo gave us our first glimpse at how truly devastating super typhoon Yolanda had become.

Being right at the heart of one of the deadliest typhoons in history didn't stop Atom from doing his job. Reporting live from Tacloban amidst heavy downpour and strong winds, we swear Yolanda's eye was totally staring at Atom from behind.

Now watch this clip and tell us this guy doesn't deserve a medal. Atom, dude, you're da man!


In line with his courageous gesture, we want to know: Just how tough exactly is Atom Araullo? What lengths would he go to just to deliver you the news? What are the dangers he's willing to go through for an exclusive coverage? Let's find out:

Even a horde of zombies can't stop Atom from bringing us a live coverage.

Who do you think told the authorities that the Titanic was sinking?

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