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Dec 4, 2013
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There's I-can-do-a-backflip-on-a-skateboard cool, and there's I-can-do-a-backflip-on-a-burning-skateboard cool. Feast your eyes on fiery awesomeness:

Tony Hawk,
hinahamon ka oh!

Everyone, meet Jonathan and Jason Bastian--names we'll definitely remember. Cue slow clap.

What makes the video more awesome is that it was shot in 2,000fps (frames per second) for that ultra slow-mo effect and maximum impact. We have the guys over at BeyondSlowMotion to thank. We just hope those boards are fireproof.

It would be darn hard to top that. But the world's full of talented skaters that can produce nakaka-elib stunts that come close. Proof? Check out the following videos for more awesome skater boy moments.


What we'd want to call this trick: The 720 Spineroo


What we'd want to call this trick: The 1080p HD

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