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Bar Room Jokes: Isn't It Obvious?

<em>Maling akala </em>and deducing detectives. Aren&rsquo;t they always a hit?
| Jul 2, 2013
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Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson were walking in the park when they passed three women eating bananas. "Good evening, ladies," Holmes said. After they moved out of earshot, Watson asked, "Do you know those women, Holmes?” "No, Watson," he replied. Holmes continued, "I do not know the nun, the prostitute or the new bride." Watson was confused. "Well, if that's true, how then do you know anything about them?" he asked. "It's elementary, my dear Watson, "Holmes replied. "The nun ate her banana by holding it in one hand and using the other to break it into little pieces. The prostitute held the banana with both hands and swallowed it whole. And the new bride held the banana with one hand, and used her other hand to push her head toward it."
Casper24, by email

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Illustration Mikke Gallardo
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