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Bar Room Jokes: Lost

What happens when 65-year-old mothers birth babies?
| Jul 30, 2013
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With all the new technology on fertility, a 65-year-old lady was able to give birth. After she was discharged from the hospital, her friend came to visit her at home and asked to see the baby. “Not yet,” the old lady said. “I'll make coffee and we can chat first.”

Thirty minutes passed and her friend asks again, “May I see the new baby now?” “No, not yet,” she said. After another few minutes, he asked again and received the same reply.

On the third query, the lady’s friend became very impatient. “Well? When can I see the baby?” “When she cries!” she snapped back. “Why do I have to wait until it cries?” her friend demanded. To which the old lady responded, “Because I forgot where I put her, okay!”
Jon Cruz, via email


Illustration Mikke Gallardo
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