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May 28, 2016
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Actor Baron Geisler has once again become the talk of the town after a video of him in what seemed to be a one-sided bar brawl at Tomas Morato in Quezon City surfaced online.

The minute-long video showed Geisler and another person apparently shaking hands while being surrounded by other people. But things instantly go south after the man started throwing punches at the actor’s face.

The video was uploaded on Facebook by Medmessiah CombatBoi, who indicated in the title and caption of his post that Geisler was being disruptive at a concert for a cause. Independent film actor Kiko Matos was eventually identified as the one who threw punches at Geisler.

Geisler was at the receiving end of at least three punches and was unable to fight back as bystanders quickly came in to break the fight.

Combatboi was then forcefully escorted out the venue, still cursing at the actor.

’Yung sa akin lang, pare, dinis-respect niya ‘yung kaaway niya kanina. Ang sakit ng ulo ko p**a,” Geisler blurted out after the tension cleared up.

The video was uploaded on Wednesday and has since been viewed over 700,000 times and received over 1,200 comments.

The incident comes just weeks after a video showing Geisler in an altercation with a film student went viral online.