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Aug 12, 2015
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Despite being a hoops-crazy nation, most of us still think of basketball as a sport that only guys can play. Like majority of the world, we're used to seeing ladies cheer from the sidelines rather than letting it swish. And this is in spite of the progress that the women's league, WNBA, has achieved through the years.

And then we saw this video featuring Franz Fainsan of the Mocha Girls (jump forward to the three-minute mark to see her "skills"):

Girlfriend mong akala mo puro pabebe lang yun pala mas macho pa sayo mag basketball!! haha #ballislife #someotherguystype #macho #relationshipgoals #angtipokongbabae #labochingyaneh

Posted by Francoise Denyse S. Fainsan on Sunday, 9 August 2015

As of this writing, Franz's basketball video has now garnered 874,338 views, 35,000 likes, and 15,962 shares since she uploaded it on Facebook on August 9. And not only is she good on the hardcourt, she can also kick your ass in a B-ball arcade shootout.

Video via Francoise Denyse Fainsan

Well, Franz, we're quite confident with our ballin' skills, so how about we go one-one-one? Loser twerks for 10 straight minutes! Game?